Have Fun and Learn with these 6 Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Fall is a great time of year to be outdoors! If you’re homeschooling kindergarten or just looking for some extra activities to do, here are 6 outdoor fall activities for kids, with lots of learning opportunities too!

Fall is my favourite season. I love the gorgeous fall colours, the crunching leaves and the crispness of the air with the smell of fall! The temperature becomes a little cooler, although we still have some lovely warm days. And it’s definitely a great time of year to be a kid – there’s just so many fun fall activities for kids to do!

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As the days become cooler, it’s a great time to be outdoors. You don’t have to worry about the heat of the summer, the sunburns or the bugs. Just get outside and enjoy! Yes, we’re pretty much outdoors people anyways, but even if you’re not, you’ve got to admit that fall is a perfect time to get outside!

From the mom perspective, although I love to just appreciate the season, there are so many wonderful, fun learning opportunities for kids! It’s important to let kids play and explore, but it’s a bonus when I can tie in some specific learning AND still keep it fun!

These outdoor fall activities for kids can be used on their own as a fun, fall experience, or you can extend the learning and tie in some art, math and science activities as well!

So get ready, and take your learning outdoors with these fun, fall activities!


Go Apple Picking

In Canada, apple season is in September, so although it’s not always technically fall, it still feels like fall! Apple picking is a quintessential fall activity, especially if you live in a region that grows fruit like we do. You can search for places near you on the Pick-Your-Own website (you can also check out other fruit that is in season). But if you can’t, don’t want to, or have already missed picking apples, head to your nearest farm market or grocery store, pick up a few apples and check out some activities that you can do at home!

Apple Picking is one of the outdoor fall activities for kids

Pick a Sunflower

While sunflowers typically bloom during the summer, they are considered a fall flower as they arrive in late summer and continue blooming into early fall. They’re so bright and cheerful, you can’t help but smile when you see them. Sunflowers are great to grow in your garden, as they’re good for bees and butterflies in the summer, and birds love the seeds when the sunflower begins to dry. Did you know that a sunflower is actually made of thousands of tiny flowers and can have up to 2000 seeds in it? Why not explore a sunflower head after its’ bloomed? Picking the seeds out is a GREAT fine motor exercise, and will keep little ones occupied for awhile. You can count with the seeds, create some art, or just explore the sunflower.

Sunflowers are one of the outdoor fall activities for kids

Collect Leaves

Here in Ontario we are lucky to have a traditional fall season, where the leaves change colour as the temperatures get cooler. I love the changing colours, but my kids love it when the leaves are on the ground and they can collect them. We collect piles and piles each time we head out for a walk and there are so many ways you can use these leaves in your learning! Or you can just use them for pretty decorations around the house!

Pick some leaves and use them as decorations

Collect Nature

It’s not just leaves that fall to the ground, there are so many other things that you can collect as well! Acorns, pinecones, twigs, even dried pine needles are just a few. Bring a few home things (leave the pinecones outside for a day or two, or heat in the oven at a low temp to ensure no bugs come inside) and use them in some art, math, even science (explore using the 5 senses or see what sinks and floats?).

Outdoor Fall actiivties for kids is picking pinecones, leaves and twigs

Pick Pumpkins

Now pumpkins are definitely a fall thing, and what kid doesn’t like visiting a pumpkin patch? Many pumpkin patches also have hayrides, corn mazes or other activities to enjoy (my guys love jumping in the big piles of hay!). If you don’t have a pumpkin patch near you, you can still visit a farm stand, or even grocery store to pick out a pumpkin. Once you’re home, you can use the pumpkin for ALL kinds of math and science learning.

Picking a pumpkin is one of the best outdoor fall activities for kids

Go for a Hike

We love going for walks and hiking anytime of the year, but fall is the best time to get out. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just perfect! Make sure everyone has good, safe shoes and bring some water and maybe a snack too! While you’re getting some exercise, it’s a great time to notice how the weather is changing and talk about the seasons. Collect some things to bring home and investigate, or just enjoy the chance to be outdoors. It’s also a great time to talk about living and non-living things!

Get outside and go for a hike! One of the best outdoor fall activities for kids

What are your favourite outdoor fall activities for kids?

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