An Apple Unit for Kindergarten at Home

Apples are a great theme, or unit, to start off with in Kindergarten. Children are familiar with apples, so it’s something they can relate to. Also, they’re easily accessible (even if you don’t pick your own, you can find some in almost any grocery store) and there’s so much learning you can do with apples! Read on for some ideas on an apple unit kindergarten that you can do at home.

apples are a great unit for kindergarten when learning at home

Fall is apple season! If you happen to live in an area where apples are grown, why don’t you head out to an apple orchard and pick some of your own apples!
If you don’t want to pick your own, you can always stop by the farm stands or apple orchard and buy some pre-picked apples. Or even pick up a bag or two at the grocery store. But either way, make sure you pick up some delicious apples this fall and then incorporate them into your learning at home!

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Here are some suggestions on how we’re exploring apples in our learning at home. Feel free to use any or all of these suggestions! You can find a easy-to-read printable here or click on the image unit for kindergarten


We always start learning about a subject by reading books. We’ll find some books online or at the library and read these throughout the week. Here are some suggestions, along with a few of our favourites!

The Apple Pie Tree – Zoe Hall
Apple Pie Tree is a great book for an apple unit for kindergarten
This book is a favourite in our house! The sisters in the story watch the blossoms on their apple tree develop into red apples, read to pick! There’s also an easy recipe for apple pie at the end.


Apples – Gail Gibbons
Apples is a great book for an apple unit for kindergartenGail Gibbons does a fantastic job of explaining everything there is to know about apples. There’s also step by step instructions to plant your own apple tree and an apple pie recipe too!


How Do Apples Grow? – Betsy Maestro
How Apples Grow is a great book for an apple unit for kindergartenThis book is aimed at children aged 5 to 7 and explains how the apple grows from bud to flower to fruit. It’s a little more in depth than some of the other books, but is a good read if your child already knows the basics of how an apple grows.


Apples – Jacqueline Farmer
Apples is a great book for an apple unit in Kindergarten at home.
This great informational text takes young readers on a trip to the apple orchard to find out all about apples – from learning how apple trees grow, how the flowers are pollinated and of course, what apples are used for! Labels and diagrams make it easy for young readers to understand and learn about apples. There’s also fun facts and recipes!

Ten Apples Up On Top! – Dr.Seuss
Dr.Seuss always has fun and interesting books. Although this book doesn’t explore the science of apples, it’s still a fun read and connects math with apples. The three friends in the story practice balancing apples on their heads and kids can count up to ten along with the story.


Apple Trees and the Seasons – Julie Lundgren
Apple Trees and Seasons is a great book for a unit on apples in kindergarten
The simple text in this book explains how apple trees grow and change throughout the year. It’s made for children aged 5-6 but is great for younger children as well.


Apple Picking Day – Candice Ransom
Apple Picking Day is a fun book to add to an apple unit in Kindergarten
This early reader is filled with simple, rhyming text. A sister and brother take a trip to a local apple orchard and pick the best apples. It’s a great book for early readers as it features easy words and the pictures help children decode the story.


There are SO many ways that you can incorporate math into an inquiry unit.  Anytime you can sort, count, make patterns, compare measurements or even compare numbers, you’re doing math! Here are some ways that we’ve used apples to practice and learn math concepts. Theses are just a few suggestions; feel free to add anything else you can think of!

Weigh the apple: Can you find something that is heavier? Lighter? If you have a balance scale at home, you can use this to weigh the items. You can also create your own balance scale by setting up a board balanced on a book or other object. Place the apple on one side and other items on the other side to see which is heavier or lighter.
Measure the apple: Using a string, measure around the apple. Can you guess how long the string is? ***Many children won’t understand the numbers on a ruler yet, but you can measure things using non-standard units, such as snap cubes, links, cubes and any other manipulatives that you have at home.

Sort the apples: The easiest way is to sort by colour or size. Can you think of a different way to sort them?

Counting: After you cut open the apple, use the seeds to practice counting. Count the seeds, fill in ten frames with the seeds or practice counting seeds to match a number. You can find some math printables here.


Using the 5 senses, explore an apple. What does the apple look like? How does it feel? How does it smell?
Cut open the apples. What do you see? How does it feel? How does it smell? How does it taste?
Compare a few different types of apples: Do they feel different? Do they taste different? Which one do you prefer?
Plant the seeds! You can plant them in dirt, or place on a damp paper towel inside a Ziploc bag and tape to the inside of a window.


Cut a few apples in half and make prints with them. You can make patterns and tie in math too!
Use the seeds to make art! What can you create?

In the Kitchen:

After you’ve explored the apples, use them in the kitchen!
Make applesauce, apple pie, apple crumble or if you have a lot of apples, boil them down and make apple butter!
Then drink some apple cider and celebrate everything you’ve learned about apples!

What’s your favourite activity to do with apples?

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