12 Days of Christmas – Ideas and Activities to do in December with Kids

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids! It may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun! Here are 12 ideas and activities to do in December with kids, keeping this Christmas and holiday season fun and special, regardless of the restrictions and social distancing. And since this is Learning at Home with Mom, of course most of the activities involve learning in a play-based way!

Here are 12 ideas and activities to do in December with kids, to keep this Christmas fun and festive!

There’s a few ways to use these activities and ideas.

You can pre-plan and make a list of the activities to do each day, or even write the activities on your calendar on the specific days.

If you’re more like me and need to be a bit more flexible….

Read through the post, then head over to our printables page, download and print out the list of activities and hang it on your fridge for those days when you’re looking for something to do

Or you can print out the activity cards, then choose one card on a day when you have some time or are looking for something fun to do. Hang the cards up on a clothesline or string, pop one card in a large advent calendar if you have one, or just put the activity cards in a pretty box and choose one each day that you have some time. Whatever works for you!

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Either way you choose to do it, you’ve got 12 fun ideas and activities to do in December with kids, to keep this season fun and festive! (and if you want to, you can tie almost all of these activities in with something on your homeschool curriculum….)


Here are 12 ideas and activities to do in December with kids!


1. Write a letter to Santa

This is a classic childhood activity, but one that really has lots of good intention behind it. We all want our kids to write, and we want them to write in an authentic way! What better way to get them to write than writing a letter to Santa! You can model how to write a proper letter, with the date, dear…, the message, and then the closing (from, love…). You can have your child fill in whatever part they can, whether it’s signing their name, putting a picture of what they want, or adding in some sight words to the letter. Either way, you’ve got some writing checked off for the day, plus a really fun activity for the kids!

2. Make Christmas garland

Paper chains are another classic childhood activity. Whether you want to use strips of paper, (you can choose two colours and make this into a patterning activity too!), or use popcorn, pinecones, anything really that will look festive!

3. Watch a Christmas movie

Now we’re not big on screen time around here, but you’ve got to admit, there are some good Chrismtas movies! Some of our favourites are Olive, the Other Reindeer, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Polar Express and I’m sure there are loads of others! We pick a chilly, not-so-nice evening and make an event out of it! Pop some popcorn, get those Christmas PJ’s on and cuddle up to watch a fun Christmas movie!

(If you want to tie some curriculum in here, you can ask your child their favourite part, their favourite character, etc. Or check our list of 21 questions to ask while reading with your child for some other ideas.)

4. Create hand/finger/footprint art

Options are endless here! I’m one of those moms who loves to keep a record of how my kids are growing (and to remember how small they once were!), and creating some art using their handprints, fingerprints or even footprints are just adorable!
Fingerprint art is a great ideas and activities to do in December with kids

5. Send Christmas Cards 

Christmas cards are always a nice way to connect with family and friends that you might not see too often. You can purchase Christmas cards and have your kids sign their name (or make some homemade cards – even use those fingerprint light pictures your kids made as your Christmas card!).

6. Donate a toy for charity

Have your kids choose a toy or two that isn’t really played with anymore, or pick out a new one from a store and then donate them to a local charity or toy drive. We’ve done this every Christmas and it definitely teaches the boys some good lessons about how fortunate they are!

7. Sing Christmas Songs

You may not be able to go caroling this year, but you can still sing some Christmas songs inside! There’s lots of classic Christmas songs. I’m not the best singer, so I’ll admit I prefer to put on a CD and let the boys sing along to that (and then I don’t mind singing along with them!). If your local radio station doesn’t play Christmas songs, you can check out our favourite CD here.

8. Make a Gingerbread House

Who doesn’t love making gingerbread houses? Another classic Christmas activity, this is one that you can do just for fun, or add in some educational aspects and talk about structures, shapes, colours, really whatever your child is learning and working on! And of course, there’s probably some yummy tasting happening while you’re creating a great gingerbread house!

one of the best activities to do in December with kids is to make a gingerbread house

9. Read Christmas books

Of course reading books is going to be an activity in this list – it’s a Learning at Home Blog after all! There are SO many good books to read this time of year. Whether it’s Christmas books, holiday books or books about other holidays, there are PLENTY of books to choose from! Some of our favourites are actually books that Mom read as a kid and Grandma has passed down. Others have been added to our Christmas book basket every year, as the boys always get something to read as a present. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out Great Books to Read this Christmas with Kids.

10. Bake Christmas Cookies

Baking cookies is probably already on your to-do for December! But get the kids involved and let them mix, measure, stir and decorate. There is so much math involved in any sort of baking and cooking! Christmas cookies can be as easy or as complicated as you choose – purchase pre-made cookies that you slice and bake, or bake everything from scratch. Our favourites are simple sugar cookies that the boys can cut out with cookie cutters and then decorate with sprinkles. For some healthier options, you can create broccoli trees or wreaths, strawberry Santas or even Grinch Santas!

one of the activities to do in december with kids is to make healthy snacks

11. Make and decorate Christmas ornaments

Kids always love decorating, well most do. But even my little guy who’s not a fan of colouring or crafts LOVES making ornaments. You can purchase ornament shapes and craft kits from almost any store (the Dollar Store and Michaels are our go-to craft places), and have the kids decorate them or make your own. Some easy ideas are cutting shapes out of paper and let the kids colour, decorate with glitter or foam shapes or even coloured glitter glue. There are loads of pipe cleaner crafts too, like candy canes or Christmas trees or even popsicle sticks! Pinterest has loads of ideas, we’ve got some ideas here.
one of the best activities to do in december with kids is to make ornaments

12. Make reindeer food

This is a super fun activity for kids, and easy too! All you need is a bit of oatmeal and some sprinkles or glitter. Mix it together and then sprinkle it outside on the ground on Christmas Eve for the reindeer. If you’re giving the mix as a present to someone, add a little note to sprinkle it on the ground on Christmas Eve.

So head on over to our printables page, print out the list or activity cards and get ready for some fun activities and ideas for to keep this Christmas fun and festive!

If you have any other suggestions of activities to do in December with kids, let us know in the comments below!

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