5 Books to Read in October for Kindergarten

If you’re looking for some great books to read this month, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 books to read in October, all perfect for home kindergarten!

October has to be my favourite month of the year. That is, next to Christmas. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of Halloween (I could take it or leave it), but I love fall. I love the leaves changing to their gorgeous colours, the cooler air, leaves crunching on the ground under your feet, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin everywhere, and the pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows that decorate front porches!

And all of these things, well most of them, are great to incorporate into learning! Our house is full of leaves, both real and cloth, dried and used for tracing, making decorations, patterning, anything really. We’ve got fall decorations all over and even our playdoh is scented for the fall!

<<Here are some more ideas and activities to do for Kindergarten at home in October>>

And of course, there’s books! We love to read in this family. We usually read at least a few books a day – mom reads a few out loud and the boys read independently as well. The ones that I read aloud are sometimes just for fun and enjoyment, and sometimes there’s a reason I’m choosing a certain book.

Each week, there’s a specific book that I have planed – either on a theme we’re interested in, or a specific math or literacy concept that I want to target. I work best with a bit of routine, so I try to schedule our home learning, both weekly and monthly. It’s not a hard and fast plan, but it helps me to focus and know that we’re going to cover those things SOMEtime within the week. You can see our October ideas and activities here.

Which brings me back to the books to read in October for Kindergarten….


October is so much fun, that most of our books are science and theme related!

A huge part of the way we learn at home is to make activities authentic and relatable. If kids are really interested in something or can understand why we’re learning something, then they’re more engaged and eager to learn. And my guys LOVE fall. Well, really, they probably just love the decorations, and the idea that Halloween is coming soon. But we’ll go with it.  They also love the leaves changing colour, falling on the ground and the pumpkins that they see everywhere! So while we don’t do the typical preschool ‘themes’, you’ll notice that this month is very fall and Halloween themed.

On that note, getting back to the books we’re planning to read…

Here are five books to read in October for Kindergarten. (But preschoolers and even early primary grades will also enjoy these books!)

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1. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf is a great book to read in October for KindergartenLois Ehlert is one of my favourite authors – all of her books are gorgeously illustrated! This book is no exception. The pages are filled with vibrant red, orange and yellow colours of fall. Using a variety of materials, including watercolours and real seeds, Ehlert illustrates the life of a sugar maple tree from the view of a young child and provides useful information on the parts of a tree, how they grow and even how to make special bird treats! It’s a great book for preschoolers and early readers (even older readers can benefit from the information in the appendix).

2. Turkey Trouble

Turkey Trouble is a great book to read in October for KindergartenCanadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. (If you’re American, save this book for next month!) This is hilarious but simple story of a turkey who realizes that Thanksgiving is coming and he is going to be on the menu for dinner. How can he save himself? Turkey tries different disguises to tries to make himself look like other farm animals but in the end, he comes up with a completely different idea. A great, fun book to read together and you can work on predicting skills by having everyone predict the ending!

3. Leaf Man

Leaf Man is a great book to read in October for KindergartenAnother Lois Ehlert book this month, although I’ll admit this one isn’t my favourite in terms of story line but the illustrations make it worth reading! As fall arrives and the wind blows, Leaf Man is on the move. Where does he go? Each page in this story features different landscapes, with the illustrations made from actual fall leaves. As with many of Ehlert’s books, she uses natural elements to create her illustrations. After reading, we head outside and gather our own leaves to make our own art!

4. Room on the Broom

alt=This is a fun and exciting story about a witch who loses her things as she’s flying in the wind. As she’s searching for her things, she meets new friends along the way. The repetition and rhyme make this story fun to read and your kids will be retelling the story in no time! Although the witch and her friends do meet a dragon, it’s not a scary story and the ending may surprise you! It’s a story about sharing and helping your friends, perfect to read at Halloween!

5. Five Little Pumpkins

five little pumpkins is a great book to read in october for kindergartenBased on the well-known poem, this is a classic book that’s great to read for Halloween. Its rhyming text is great for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergarten aged children. The rhymes are catchy and memorable, making it a great book to practice retelling, whether as a finger play or with pumpkin props. The text and font are simple, making it perfect for early readers and the pictures are fun and interesting, leading into many opportunities for Halloween art. It’s been a favourite story in this house for many years!

And those are the books that we’re reading in October ! If you have any other great ones to suggest, please let me know in the comments below! I’m always on the lookout for great books to add to our collection!

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